Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Newest nail polishes

Before my "NO BUY" starts I had to get a couple polishes I have been lusting over, and were not on my wishlist.  That makes it ok, right?  Sadly, I have already used the first 2 and forgot to take swatch pictures, so I will try to remember to add that soon.
This is Sugar Daddy and Private Dancer from Deborah Lippmann.  These are both duochrome type polishes, although the picture doesnt show is very well.

Lo and behold, I actually did take a swatch picture of Private dancer!  Never know what you will find when you go thru pictures!

The last one I got was from my new obsession, Ciate.  I picked out Mistress, which is more of an orange-y red toned polish.  I love the way these go on, and last really well.  Any time you use a color like red especially I always recommend a basecoat which will help with staining.

Quick post today, but I will try to make up for it asap!  :-)

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