Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ciate is at Nordstrom

i was surprised to see that Nordstorm is now carrying Ciate!!!  Each bottle is $15, and as always, free shipping!!!  Currently they have 98 different colors available....a lot of great ones!  The other site to order these from that is great is  They are a little under $12 and free shipping, but it takes a few weeks to recieve it.  With Nordstrom you will have it within a couple days.

Favorite trends of 2012

With new years eve right around the corner I was thinking about what have been my favorite trends of 2012.  I may not have always been on pointe with the runway, but I did have my staple items of 2012.  I loved studs, layering jelwery, neons  and sheer blouses.  Tangerine was a hot color for the year but I didnt really go for it....same goes for the peplum....just wasnt for me.  Then I had my old standby's as well: scarfs, argyle and pearls. 

As far as hair goes, ombre was huge.....which was great for me.....I went 10 months withot coloring my hair!  haha

What are your fav's from 2012????

Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Must Have Box

I late on getting this out, but I wanted to go ahead and share my December must have box.  Yet again, I am beyond pleased with what I recieved.  While this service is pricey at $35, the value is there.  I have gotten tired of Little Black bag, and have been skipping some with that so that saves me $50 a month.

Anyway, here is what I recieved:

The box is full of goodies!!!

Tea sampler, I have tried a couple and they are yummy!

I have always seen these at Sephora and always wanted one!

Here is a breakdown of whats in the kit

Pretty soap.  I havent opened it, but it looks pretty in the basket with my other frensh milled soaps

Love these in my coffee!  I hadnt picked up any this year.

Lastly, these great coffee cups!  They are glass, but double walled so you can use them with hot or cold drinks!

Sorry for the lack of posts

Sorry I havent been posting much lately.  I have been super busy with the holidays and then throw is a ton of dental work and some personal issues......I dont think I have had any time to even take a breath.  But hopefully thats mostly behind me.  Plus, on January 9th I will have a whole new smile!  Very excited about that. 
Hoping that smile will make my eyes shine again.  Ever look in the mirror and even though you are smiling your eyes look so sad.  :-(  Its not fun.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snow Bunny Gift exchange!

I wanted to share my snow bunny gift box!  I love everything that I recieved!!!  All the colors are perfect!  My internet at home isnt very good so I will add more details in the morning but in the meantime here are the pictures!