Thursday, May 31, 2012

Glossybox USA!

I recieved my irstglossybox yesterday and wanted to share what I recieved.  Sorry this will be pretty quick, but I do not have much time.  I will try to edit it tonight.  We had big news on a product launch at work and that has taken most of the day.

Pretty presentation, box is pretty good sized.

Again, nice presentation.  My little toes are peeking in the picture!  haha

Items in the box!

Of course, I pick up the polish first!  Full Size zoya in Rory from Beach and Surf collection.  This product represents USA  ($8)

Added product, Blush Brush branded Glossybox, similar to the myglam brushes but the quality is much nicer.  This brush is goat's hair.

Amore Pacific hydrating gel.  .23 ounces, which is large for a sample (South Korea product).  Doing the math this is worth $13.  (correct me if I am wrong.....$100 for 1.7 oz)

Berberry Lip Mist sheerLipstick (UK prodc.  Full size is .12oz for $30.  I recieved .028 oz

Marvis Whitinening tooth paste (Italy).  Always wanted this because the package is pretty!  haha!  This is fullsized, $7.50

Hhyto Hydrating mask for dry hair.  Fullsize is 6.7 oz for $38.  I recieved 1.7 oz.

Its important to remember this box is $21/month compared to birchbox which is $10.  I do feel I got my money worth though. 

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