Thursday, September 20, 2012

Most Worn summer tag

I dont like doing videos.....frankly, I do not like to hear myself talk, so I am all about the blog format, haha.  Anyway, since the first day of fall is nearly here, I wanted to do the most worn summer tag for 2012.  I thought I would post a picture of each thing, that counts, right? 

Nail polish

Dior Bikini


Hair product
Pureology Antifade, love all their products!


Coach large satchle, the style is Ashley.  Not a typicle summer bag, but I have used it all summer!


I dont know the style for these are Easy Spirit, super comfortable and super cute!

I have worn these earrings every day since I bought them.  They are Majorca pearls, bought them in Madrid this summer.

Clothing item
Maybe I should have put this on, haha.  Its a hot pink tshirt from Macy's, INC brand.  The sleeves are rouched and the V neck is perfect.  I do have to wear a tank top under it, but I love this shirt.  I actually have it in Green, Orange and Yellow as well as the Pink.


I use 2 foundations mixed together.  Smashbox has always been my favorite, but this summer I started to mix it with the Matte velvet from Makeup Forever to get a fuller coverage.

Blush and/or bronzer

Nothing new here, Nars Orgasam.  I think I bought it last summer, but its my daily blush.  I dont use bronzer.  Sometimes I use a facial highlighter, but thats about it.

Lip product

I dont like a lot of color on my lips, but I am loving this MAC, Viva Glam VI. 


All time favorite, Armani Eyes to Kill!

This has been my surprise favorite.  I thought it was going to be the naked pallet, but since I got this from Wet n' Wild I have been using it pretty much every day.  This is the Sweet as Candy compact, and best of all its only $2.99 at Walgreens.  The quality is GREAT!  Lasts all day, and compares to my Lancome and Dior shadows.  Love this!!!
What have your most worn items been this summer?????

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Birchbox

I wanted to go ahead and post my september Birchbox since I was thinking about it.  I knew if I didnt do it today it would never get done!  HAHA

This month drew inspiration from Vouge and went with "The September Issue."  It was all about transitioning to Fall and included their own mini-mag reviewing the fall trends.  It was a cute addition to what was in my opinion a rather dull box....sorry.  I feel that this was probably only worth $10.....if that.  :-(

There are a couple good items so I dont want to draw much negativity.  Lets just get to the pictures, you be the judge.

This months box!

Uh, yeah.....just a fancy ziplock baggie.  Besides, I thought when you flew you needed a clear baggie for liquids.

Twirl by Kate Spade.  Nice scent, but I have smelled it before.  Perfume samples are just not that exciting.  :-(

WEI to go cleanser.  Pretty package, foil sample.  :-/

Sedu Anti-Frizz polishing treatment.  Nice size sample.  I have long hair but could probably get 2 uses out of this.

Top picture didnt focus, but I do love Twistbands.  I will certainly be using this one!

Color Club polish in Status Uptade (Nice typo there!!!).  This is supposed to be a custom shade intereired by the Fall 2012 collections and they couldnt spell the name right!  GEEZ!
You be the judge

Guess who opened another little black bag!

Yeah, that would be me!  HAHA
Im hanging my head as I admit I just closed my second bag of september.  Nearly opened a 3rd but told myself that was a tad excessive!  LOL
I am super happy with everything I got in this bag.  I did a TON of trading.  I dont have a single item that was in my initial bag, but I got some great things!!! 

Ready to open!!!

I always love their little labels!

AHHH!!!  So many goodies!!!!

1st item, Casemate case for my iPhone.  I think retail was $28.

Pyramid studs.  Didnt have the brand on the bag, and I think retail was abour $20.

Gunmetal studded hoops.  I have wanted these for a while and they are a lot bigger than I anticipated.  Retail value, $30.

Favorite item!  I am in love with this bag!  She and Josh is the bag, and retail was $78.

All 4 items, approximate value is $156, and I paid $50.  These are all items I can use on a daily basis, in face the case is already on my phone, haha.  I love this service! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Julep Product lovers mystery box

Julep had a mystery box promo going on where you could selct either a product lovers or polish lovers box and had a chance to get a never released mystery polish color as well.  Given the fact that I have SOOOOOO many julep polishes I went with the product lovers box, hoping to get either the pedi cream or foot soak.  I was super excited when I checked the tracking this morning and I was going to get my package today.  Super fast shipping considering I ordered it 2 days ago!!!

Products came in their tote bag.  I still wish this was a true shoppers tote.  Oh well, what can you do.

Product 1, Age Defying Hand Brightner.  I never had this in full size, just the delux sample size.  Its a good product, but its pretty much just a hand cream. 

Glass file.....I think I have 3 of these.  I will probably just save it to throw into a gift.

I did get a mystery polish.  Very pretty color, but reminds me a lot of Megan.  I will compare them once I get home.

In case you were wondering, the color is Annie.  Don't like the name, but thats person reasons, haha!!  Girl drama!  ;-)
Last item, Julep top coat.  Always handy.

All in all my feelings are 50/50 on this one.  With a mystery box you can't complain about what you get, but I had higher expectations.  Probably they are clearing out stock on their older products, haha. I must say, I do LOVE that their polishes are wrapped now.  Its just more professional, and if I gift polish to someone I like giving them something that is sealed.

Will I do another mystery box though?  I dont know.  I have about 50 julep polishes in my collection and the risk of dupes is high.  I may just stick to add on's on monthly boxes and pick the colors I want that way.  Only problem, I have no willpower!  HAHA!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Latest Little Black Bag

I wanted to share my latest little black bag today.  I got this in the mail a couple days ago, and sadly this isnt my September box, I opened a second box in August, haha.  No will power! 

Anyway, I love everything I got.  I did do some trading, but my main item I picked for a specific reason.  I wanted a new bag to use as my computer bag.  I needed something more like a tote bag that my work things and laptop would fit into.  I have been using the same bag for 3 years, so it was time for a change. 

I always get excited when I come to my office and see this on my desk! 


This is the main item I wanted.  This bag is great!  Perfect size to carry everything I need.  My only concern is in the winter I cant use this when i wear my red wool coat.  Oh well!  haha

This was a trade item.  I loved the color and I have had a couple of these polishes in the past and the formula is great.

Last item, another trade.  Just a cute tassel necklace.  Very girly.
I forget the exact value of this bag, but I believe the purse was $85, $15 for the polish and $24 for the necklace.  $124 value and $49.99.

Butter London Fashion Week exclusive

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ciate Fall Collection

I am in love with Ciate's fall collection!  I love the nude colors, and they are perfect for fall. 

I usually order these from  They are only $12.70 each and you dont pay shipping.  However expect shipping to take about 3 weeks.  If you were to order these directy from ciate though you would be paying around $25 per bottle!  Beauty Bay is the better way to go in my opinion.  Keep in mind though, other brands seem to be more expensive.