Monday, August 27, 2012

worst nail polish name/color combo

I recieved an illamasqua nail polish in my august glossybox and it has a terrible name/color combination!!!  First look at it and all I could say was "ewww."  LOL  I will let the pictures speak for themselves! 

Intresting brown....hmmmmm

Really, TAINT!  Couldnt come up with something a little better?
A taint is the slang term for the area of fleshy area located between a man's testicles and his sphincter.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Lippy's from Butter London!

Butter London has new Lippy's coming out for Autumn/Winter 2012!  So Excited for Come to Bed Red!  I had recieved trout pout from a dear bunny, and fell in love with these.  These are truly a liquid lipstick, and not a gloss.  Do not expect a hint of color, its FULL ON color match.  I love red lips in winter and will have  to pick this one up!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ZGallerie Haul!

I love Zgallerie!  We have a nice store in Louisville, but sometimes I order online as well.  I got an email last week that new summer items were added to the sale page, and since I am buying a new house I needed cute decorating items......naturally!  haha 
If you have never heard of Zgallerie they have very nice home items.  Pricing isnt too bad.....of course somethings will be more expensive, but in general its affordable.  They had a lot on sale so I needed to see what I could find. 

Huge box!  Looking good thus far!!!

Several packages!!!!  WOOOO!

This is a votive holder.  Retail is $9.95 and I paid $7.49.  Not a huge savings but still very cute!!!  I wanted this for my dresser.  Now I need to find a mirrored vanity tray for my perfume collection.  :-)

This is probably my favorite.  I got 2 of these candle holders (notice the stand in candle, my coffee cup).  These retail for $19.99 each and I got them for $9.98 each.

Last thing I got, cute little lanterns.  I wanted these to put on my mantle.  These retail for $9.99 each and I paid $3.49. 

You can check out their site at  Fall arrivals are now online.  Happy Shopping!!!!

Im still loving little black bag!

I have posted before about little black bag but I am still loving this service!  Its $49.99 a month and you get to pick 1 item, and then 2 more items will be added to your bag.  You then get to swap your items for 7 days till you get the perfect bag.  I have done this for a few months now, and have bought a few extra bags as well.  The gallery is huge, and has several different options.  Here is a screen shot of a few items that are currenty up for grabs:

I couldnt get too much in the screen but there is a wide array of handbags jewlery and accessories.  My general rule is for the item I get to pick I try to get something that the retail value is at least $50, so I am getting my moneys worth.  Once you pick your item and buy your bag you get to see the other 2 picks.  When I signed up I had to do a style survey so I assume that is whats used to select the other items.  

This is my current bag.  As you can see I have 4 more days to do trading.  For the necklace up top I have 11 offers currenty for it, and if I see something I like I can accept the trade.  I can also check the trade offers I have made atg the bottom of the page like this:

Of course there is no guarantee on trades, but thats why you have 7 days to try to get the items you like.  You can skip your bag if you wanted to, and they even have an option to buy a one time bag as well.  I have loved this service and always look forward to checking out that is new. 

If you want to try it out below is my referral link.

Monday, August 20, 2012

My favorite perfume!!!

I have been saving up the posts, but I swear this is the last one of the day!  HAHA   I was so excited to see that my new favorite perfume is now available at Sephora! 

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire

I bought this when I was in Spain at the Corte Inglesis.  I was kicking myself for not buying a bigger bottle but now that I know I can buy this here I am back to using it every day.  I love this scent.  Its described as:

Its simple signature enhances and romances several exceptional materials in a bold overdose—black cherry blinks the first wink. It is illustrated by a clever blend that extends exquisite almond and delicious berries. The second wink takes place as rose enters the stage. Finally, the shadowy temptations of licorice and smoky black tea are ever-so-revealing and lead to irresistible seduction. (

I love this so much!  It reminds me so much of Spain too.  I just always remember the sweet lady at the perfume counter who was beyond helpful.  I really recommend heading over to sephora and smelling this perfume!

Ciate Velvet Nails

I recently saw the Ciate Velvet Nails at my sephora.  Being a huge Ciate fan I was intrigued but being that I had already checked out I didnt grab it.  So I do the next best thing....ordered it at!  HAHA  There were a couple other things I wanted so the next day I did my order for Berry Poncho and Mink Cashmere.

These are $19 each, and is also available in Blue Suede.
You basically paint your nails with 2 coats of polish.  Right after you apply the decond coat you sprinkle the crushed velvet over your nail and brush off the excess.  Easy enough.
This show my results.  Minor cleanup on the polish needed but overall the effect was great. 
Next day however, this is what I was left with.  My thumb looked great but the other nails just looked textured but not velvet.  Only thing that might have made a difference on the thumb was just I did the velvet twice on it.  I didnt get it coated well enough the first time so I did another layer of polish over the velvet that I had already done. 

Its been a few weeks since I bought this kit, but I havent tried it a second time.  I thought about returning both kits, but I love the actual polish and since those sell for $14 anway I didnt feel it was a huge loss to just keep these.  I will try it again though.  Hopefully I get better results the second time though.  :-(

My Emergency Kit!

I know I have been away forever, but I am really going to try to do better.  I thought for today I would show everyone what I carry in my "Emergency Kit."  I am sure what I think of as an emergency kit will vary from what others think of haha.  But I wanted to go thru what I keep on hand in my purse at all times. 
This is what I use as my kit.  I bought this from the coach factory online for $25.  Its good quality and really holds up well.  I have had it for over a year and carry it every day.

Peek inside.....its jam packed!

Always important, a nail clipper.  I have a file too but I guess I forgot to include it in the picture.  Oops!

This is my favorite perfume to carry.  The samples you get at stores are smaller but usually glass.  I dont want to have it break in my bag so I keep this instead.  Its a solid perfume from Lush, which i love!

Every girl needs her lipgloss!  I have 4 different ones depending on what I need.

I have too many lipstick options!  haha.  Why I keep case its an emergency!  LOL

Eye products.  There have been too many times that I have left home without mascara so I always keep a couple mini's in my bag.  I also have an eyeliner in case I need a touch up.  I had a black one too but I guess it rolled out of the picture lol

Finish powder!  In case I get shiny I dust a little finishing power over my face.  This was a mini I got at Sephora so it fits perfectly!

More lip product, lol.  These would be the more "natural" lip options

And finally, so it counts as an Emergency kit I keep bandaids, opintment and ibuprofen.  :-)

Do you keep an emergency kit?  What do you keep in yours?