Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little Black Bag - Second May Bag

I am loving Little Black Bag!  You recieve one bag each month, but have the option to open a new bag should you find something you love in the gallery.  I saw a clutch purse that I was lusting for, so I gave in and did a second bag.  Usually I end up trading an item that I recieve but this month I loved each item they put in my bag. 

The first piece is this Lydell bracelet.  It has a leather band but the jewled part is elastic.  I love the colors of this piece!  The MSRP is $15.

The second item is a set of earrings I tired to trade for in the last bag but didnt have any luck.  These were labled as "studs" however they are 1 inch in diameter.  In my opinion a little larder than a stud but the colors are perfect for summer. MSRP $35

The last item is the clutch I really wanted.  This is a BCBG clutch in blush.  Its a rather large size, and what I really love is that it does NOT have a chain attached.  May seem silly but I loved that this was a true clutch and not a shoulder bag.  I think this would look perfect with a white blazer and white cari's.  Throw on the earrings and a chic pony tail and the outfit it set!  haha!  MSRP $75

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