Thursday, May 31, 2012

Glossybox USA!

I recieved my irstglossybox yesterday and wanted to share what I recieved.  Sorry this will be pretty quick, but I do not have much time.  I will try to edit it tonight.  We had big news on a product launch at work and that has taken most of the day.

Pretty presentation, box is pretty good sized.

Again, nice presentation.  My little toes are peeking in the picture!  haha

Items in the box!

Of course, I pick up the polish first!  Full Size zoya in Rory from Beach and Surf collection.  This product represents USA  ($8)

Added product, Blush Brush branded Glossybox, similar to the myglam brushes but the quality is much nicer.  This brush is goat's hair.

Amore Pacific hydrating gel.  .23 ounces, which is large for a sample (South Korea product).  Doing the math this is worth $13.  (correct me if I am wrong.....$100 for 1.7 oz)

Berberry Lip Mist sheerLipstick (UK prodc.  Full size is .12oz for $30.  I recieved .028 oz

Marvis Whitinening tooth paste (Italy).  Always wanted this because the package is pretty!  haha!  This is fullsized, $7.50

Hhyto Hydrating mask for dry hair.  Fullsize is 6.7 oz for $38.  I recieved 1.7 oz.

Its important to remember this box is $21/month compared to birchbox which is $10.  I do feel I got my money worth though. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little Black Bag - Second May Bag

I am loving Little Black Bag!  You recieve one bag each month, but have the option to open a new bag should you find something you love in the gallery.  I saw a clutch purse that I was lusting for, so I gave in and did a second bag.  Usually I end up trading an item that I recieve but this month I loved each item they put in my bag. 

The first piece is this Lydell bracelet.  It has a leather band but the jewled part is elastic.  I love the colors of this piece!  The MSRP is $15.

The second item is a set of earrings I tired to trade for in the last bag but didnt have any luck.  These were labled as "studs" however they are 1 inch in diameter.  In my opinion a little larder than a stud but the colors are perfect for summer. MSRP $35

The last item is the clutch I really wanted.  This is a BCBG clutch in blush.  Its a rather large size, and what I really love is that it does NOT have a chain attached.  May seem silly but I loved that this was a true clutch and not a shoulder bag.  I think this would look perfect with a white blazer and white cari's.  Throw on the earrings and a chic pony tail and the outfit it set!  haha!  MSRP $75

Is it friday yet?

I had a holiday weekend for Memorial day, but the weather was so hot and sticky that it was not enjoyable.  I had to work an event saturday, but did get out of town for sunday and monday.  I only bought myself 1 polish though!  GO DIANA!  It was just a boring copper glitter, but I want to pair it with an orange polish. 

Before my mini vacation though I did get to the cemetary to put flowers on my fathers grave.  Since he was a WW2 vet a patriotic theme felt appropriate.

I am going to go another post in a minute, however I thought I would add on todays nail polish selection to this post.  I went with Deborah Lippmann Waking up in Vegas.  Its a great creamy gray color.  Not the usualy bright colors I use this time of year but I do love this color. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer is here!

With memorial day weekend coming up there is no doubt summer is upon us!  With my job I do a lot of marketing events during the summer and a big one is coming up this weekend.  The opening of the city pools.  Its supposed to be 90 degrees this saturday.  Plus I have to deal with lazy people.  I see a grumpy Diana in the future!

But with summer comes my yearly rant.....SUNSCREEN!!!  I have fun skin issues and sun allergies so I am always on the hunt for sunscreen.  I was using the Neutrogena products, but it would break me out.  My dematologist had given me a perscription for another type, but it was rather pricey and insurance did not cover it. 

RIght now I am testing a new product.  I have seen the commercials and Loreal products usually agree with me, so I wanted to try the new Sublime Sun.
Its only been 2 weeks, but so far so good.  My skin isnt breaking out and I seem to be getting the protection I need.  I want to also try the mineral powder spf.  I am going to spain next month and need to have something I can easily reapply to my face. 

If anyone knows of a good sunscreen please let me know!!!

And for the polish lovers.....I had to add todays manicure.  I just wanted something bright so I went with the Julep Eva.  I dont think I had used it yet, but I am not 100% sure on that. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Magnetic polish from Julep!

I thought I had already posted this, but this is my Manicure with Julep's first magnetic polish, Kylie. 
I used the wand that came with it for most of my fingers, but for the accent I used a magnet I bought at Ulta a few months ago for the China Glaze magnetic polishes.  The magnet was $10 and had 3 different designs.  I love the starburst, its different from the usual designs you see. 

I need to find the fishnet one from Nails Inc!

Cinco de Mayo Julep Mystery Box

My Mystery box took forever to get here!  I didnt recieve it till May 15th!  A co workers ordered one after I did and got it way before I did.  :-(

Ok, I will stop pouting, but I did want to share my Mystery box!  I got a pretty good box, mostly colors I did not already have.  Given the vast number of Julep polishes I have that is saying a lot!  HAHA

I recieved another cuticle oil and a top coat, peacock nail stickers and the polishes are Christina, Vanessa, Hayden:

The last 3 are Emma, Parker and Alyson:

All in all, I am pretty happy with this box.  I have been a fan of the julep polishes, they last so well for me and look no nice and glossy on my nails.  Im looking forward to Sundays email showing the June box!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Black Bag - May

I got my little black bag in for May and I was super excited about the pieces I got. 

Ill start with the little things I recieved and hit the main item suspence, right?  First thing, which is an ok item was a ZAD Necklace.  Its a long chain and the pendant is a horn I think.  Its not my normal style but with the right outfit I would totally rock it.  The retail value was $25.
Second item was nail polish!  Cant complain about that one!  LOL  I havent tried it yet, and honestly, ill probably save it for a gift since I have SO many red polishes but it is a Michael Marcus polish, retail value $15.

Lastly, the item I had been looking at for a couple weeks was the BCBG rubbon watch.  I loved the band and the style.  I had to add this one!  Plus, I am leaving for spain in 28 days (But who is counting, lol) and did not want to wear my good Citizen watch.  I did not want to risk losing it, so I needed something else to use.  This watch retails for $85.

I have been really happy with Little Black Bag.  They do allow you to skip months, but you do not have to commit to $50 each month.  Plus you have the option to oped an additional bag in the month if you see something you MUST get.....which I did this month, haha.  Below is my referral link though if anyone is interested in trying it out.  I would greatly appreciate it!


Friday, May 11, 2012

May Birchbox

I was very happy with the birch box I recieved this month!  I was a little nervous when I saw a few youtube videos and the items they recieved sucked to put it bluntly.  When I got out of a meeting this afternoon I found my birch box sitting on my chair so I quickly tore into it to see what my fate had in store for me.  I was surprised to see items I actually wanted to try!
This month the theme was Gossip Girl, and they announced they would have brands like Dior and Stila.  I recieved a Stila liquid liner in blue (i believe its full size), Color Club polish in Disco Nap (I may save it to throw in my Bunny's package as I have a lot of gold polish), Dr. Jart+ BB cream and several Kerastase samples.  And as a shocker, no perfume samples!  This is probably one of the best boxes I have recieved from Birchbox.  Perfect way to end the week!

Also, in case anyone was wondering, I did my nails last night and went with my old faithful, Primrose Hill Picnic and Disco Biscuit!  Love this combo!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Julep Maven May box

For the month of May I went with the boho glam box, and added on a couple things to add to my moms mothers day gift.  I have loved that lately you can add on another polish from the months collection for $4.99 (or $9.99 for a product this month).  I switched from my usual classic with a twist to Boho Glam and I recieved Sheryl and Kylie (their first magnetic polish!).

I love Sheryl!  I was looking for a fun spring color that was work appropriate as well.  It has just the right amount of color and sparkle.  Its going to be a fav for this spring and summer for sure!

Its a good this I like Sheryl because when I was selecting my add-ons I must have added another Sheryl instead of Ashley!  LOL

I got the foot soak for my Mom, and if its hald as good as the last couple pedi items they have sent it will be great.  :-)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Newest nail polishes

Before my "NO BUY" starts I had to get a couple polishes I have been lusting over, and were not on my wishlist.  That makes it ok, right?  Sadly, I have already used the first 2 and forgot to take swatch pictures, so I will try to remember to add that soon.
This is Sugar Daddy and Private Dancer from Deborah Lippmann.  These are both duochrome type polishes, although the picture doesnt show is very well.

Lo and behold, I actually did take a swatch picture of Private dancer!  Never know what you will find when you go thru pictures!

The last one I got was from my new obsession, Ciate.  I picked out Mistress, which is more of an orange-y red toned polish.  I love the way these go on, and last really well.  Any time you use a color like red especially I always recommend a basecoat which will help with staining.

Quick post today, but I will try to make up for it asap!  :-)