Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Black Bag - May

I got my little black bag in for May and I was super excited about the pieces I got. 

Ill start with the little things I recieved and hit the main item last...build suspence, right?  First thing, which is an ok item was a ZAD Necklace.  Its a long chain and the pendant is a horn I think.  Its not my normal style but with the right outfit I would totally rock it.  The retail value was $25.
Second item was nail polish!  Cant complain about that one!  LOL  I havent tried it yet, and honestly, ill probably save it for a gift since I have SO many red polishes but it is a Michael Marcus polish, retail value $15.

Lastly, the item I had been looking at for a couple weeks was the BCBG rubbon watch.  I loved the band and the style.  I had to add this one!  Plus, I am leaving for spain in 28 days (But who is counting, lol) and did not want to wear my good Citizen watch.  I did not want to risk losing it, so I needed something else to use.  This watch retails for $85.

I have been really happy with Little Black Bag.  They do allow you to skip months, but you do not have to commit to $50 each month.  Plus you have the option to oped an additional bag in the month if you see something you MUST get.....which I did this month, haha.  Below is my referral link though if anyone is interested in trying it out.  I would greatly appreciate it!


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