Monday, February 27, 2012

Lunch break is dangerous!

I had to share my lunch break purchases!  I had seen the Layla polishes in the circular from Ulta, so I wanted to check them out.  I had bought a magnetic polish before at sephora, but didnt see as many color options as they had at ulta.  I bought Brown Sugar, Velvet Groove and Metallic Sky.  They are a little pricey at $15.50 but my usual butter london polishes are $14 so in comparison it wasnt bad.  I really wanted Disco Biscuit, but they were sold out.  I may have to just buy it online......and if you are looking for a great way to buy Butter London polish online, go to!  They have free shipping no matter what the amount is, and its super fash shipping as well.  I also got a couple flower pins and found they Butter London nail stickers on the clearance section.  I havent tried many of them before, and at $5 I thought "Why Not!?!?"
I love flower pins, and with spring time just around the corner I wanted to pop some color onto my outfits.  The blue one was on clearance for $5 and the big pink one was $10.  All in all, I would say it was a productive lunch break! 

crazy days!

I have been a little abset the last week, its been crazy at work.  I needed to rest this weekend so I pretty much only slept and layed around.  After the last 4 days at work I needed it.  I did however try a new nail polish brand.....orly.  At Sally's Beauty Supply they were $4.99 so I thought I would give it a try.....i actually really like it.  I painted them saturday night and by Monday monday morning no chips.  I may try to go back today and get a few more bottles since its a good price. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

The rest....

I love the mini bottles since I never really go thru a bottle.....but sadly most do not have a name on them  :-(
Here is what I could find with names.  I went thru my collection in december and gave away a lot of colors I dont use. 

ZoyaChina GlazeNails Inc
YasmeenMidnight MissionHouses of Parliament
PippaPurple Panic
NoelSky High TopOPI
JulesRiveter RougeDS Classic
AnjaOpening Night
CynthiaEssieGold For Me
French AffairSuede
Little Brown DressBlue Shatter
Concerto in Copper
Black Shatter
Princesses Rule

Butter London Collection

Butter London
Union Jack Black Wallis HRH
Primrose Hill Picnic Royal Navy Bluey
Victorianna British Racing Green Come to Bed Red
The Full Monty Jaffa  
La Moss No More Waity, Katie  
Scoundrel Slapper  
Rosie Lee The Black Knight  
Yummy Mummy Trout Pout  
The Old Bill Blagger  
Fairy Lights Tea with the Queen  
Fash Pack Knees Up  
Tart with a Hart All Hail the Queen  
Chimney Sweep Toff  

Julep Collection

I have been trying to get my collection updated so I am going to start with 2 of my biggest sets.  Julep was already in a box so thats where I will start (im lazy like that, haha)

Maria Megan Susan
Viola Sienna Stella
Whitney Leighton Rachel
Gwyneth Amy Helena
Marisa Vera Mandy
Anne Blake Demi
Gloria Brooklyn Catherine
Elizabeth Meryl january
Hayden Oscar Shania
Michelle Holly Chloe
Gayle Salma Pippa
Leah Jodie Lucy
Lucy Nicole  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Off subject with Hair Care

I recieved a sample of Wen in my January Glam Bag and loved the product.  It left my hair soft and shiny, but what I didnt love was the price and a monthly commitment of $30.  In the long run, I know its not a bad value, but I didnt want to be stuck with it, and also read stories stating it was hard to cancel it.  I dug around a little bit online and found out there was a dupe available at Sally Beauty Supply!  For $11.99 I bought a bottle of Hair One!
This product works just as well as Wen, and my hair is in great shape after 3 weeks of use!  The ends no longer look dry and it hold a curl for 2 days!  I wash my hair every other day to cut down on the abuse it goes thru with heat products.  You do use A LOT of product, so be warned....and it takes a little time, but totally worth it!

Julep Valentines day Mystery Box!

My mystery box finally arrived today, and I was super excited to see I was recieving box #7!

Only had 1 issue, all but 2 colors were duplicates of polishes I already own, haha.  Oh Well!  That was expected anyway.  I recieved January and Shania that are new to me, but then also got Helena, Demi, Anne, Gwyneth and Stella.  As far as other products go I had a mini Age Defying Hand Brighter, a glitter pot, Top Coat, Cuticle Oil (which is amaxing bwt), lip gloss in arousal, top coat for hair and the one thing I am very interested to try.....The Nail growth Revitalizing serum.  I will keep you updated if I need any difference in my nails as I use it.  All in all, great value for $19.99!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spring Nail Polish

Loved the Trout Pout color from the 2012 spring/summer collection.  Paired it with Jaffa on the accent nail.  Perfect combination for a springy manicure!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Butter London collection!

I love these polishes!  These are my favorites of the moment, but the only place to get them around here is Ulta.  I have started to order them online to get the colors that are not available here.....or that I can never find.  Always seem to be sold out.  :-(
The only ones I do not like are the glitter ones, mainly because they are so hard to get off.  Their nail polish remover is awesome though!  I am going to have to pick up a new bottle next time I go to ulta.

Julep Collection!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My addiction...

I thought I would join in on the blog world and write about one of my favorite things....nail polish!  Yes, I have an addiction problem, but I figure if I can admit it, then its ok.  Besides, it could be worse.  From time to time I may also cover some of the other important items in my life, such as makeup and accessories, but I think thats allowed.  It polishes your look off, right?
Not sure if I will get any followers, but I figure this is just something I can do for fun.  If you do decide to join me, then kick back and relax as i dive into the craziness I call MY LIFE!