Thursday, July 5, 2012


I would find a sephora in Madrid!  HAHA!  But in a surprise move.....I didnt go in!  I did however hit up mango, which was a great store!

Below are just a few pictures from my trip.  I have way too many to post everything!  haha

Glossybox June? July?

Well, I have been back from spain for a couple weeks, but was so tired that I didnt feel up to posting on my blog.  Sorry!  I will try to catch up over the next week though.  I have a few things to share from spain and the latest things I have recieved from Julep, Birchbox and such.  So without further is my glossybox.....
Pretty package as always

Nice mix of products, but is it worth $21??

Nice size sample!  Ahava mineral botanic hibiscus and fig velvet cream wash

Another good size, First aid beauty smooth shave cream

Eh, this isnt too exciting.....Wella enrich moistuizing treatment.  I have used wella in the past, doesnt impress me too much.

vBeaute skin care trio.....very small, maybe 1-2 uses from each bottle.

Ofra cosmetics eye shadow.  Full size (14.95 value) but a color I would probably never use.  :-(

A Perfume Organic in Urban Organic.....WORST smeling perfume ever! 

So yeah......glossybox.  I dont know how I feel about this box.  For $21 maybe I have higher expectations, but this was a little disappointing.  There were only 2 samples I was excited about.  I saw that other people recieved a mascara instead of the shadow I got.  I think I would have been happier with the mascara.  :-( 

But on another MUCH more serious note, their billing system in terrible!!!  I was charged 3 times on June 11th, and twice on July 1st and 4th.  They do not seem to have a constant billing date and I assume this is the June box but I did not recieve it till July 3rd.  The additional charges dropped off but its still a huge hassel.  I think I am going to give it 1 more month before I make my decision if I want to keep or cancel my subscription.