Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What a wicked game you played to make me feel this way.....

My jump into Deborah Lippmann polishes hasnt been as smooth as expected, but I cant complain because I am in love!!!

To explain, i ordered 2 polishes, Mermaids Dream and Wicked Games.  Mermaids Dream is backordered, and the expected delivery is 3/24.  According to the picture, wicked games was a beautiful gray/silver with big pieces of glitter.....yeah, it was not labled correctly.  What I got is an beautiful color though that at one angle is purple, but tilt you head and its green......this picture does no do it justice:

I do love this though!  Its bad to be addicted though when its $16 a bottle!  I need to pace myself, haha!  I did order Marquee Moon today though, the color I thought I was getting the first time. 

Other than that, I found Orly polish on sale at Sally's Beauty Supply for $5 each so I got 4 colors.  The picture below is only of 3, the 4th is at home and I dont remember the name, haha.  These are (L to R) Royal Navy, Hawaiian Punch and Bailamos.  Like the background?  haha!  I needed something to block my monitor from the picture.  Makeup bag did wonders!

And finally, the last color I got, FINALLY, DISCO BISCUIT!  I have been looking for it and its always sold out!  I originally thought it was a heavy glitter, like Rosie Lee, but its much more shimmer than anything.  One of my favorite bloggers, Tiffany D, showed it on her videos paired with primrose hill picnic, and I loved it.   I love bright colors like this, especially when I am in a hurry for spring to get here!  ;-)

I LOVE IT!  And I love all the recent additions to my collection.  I think I may need to cut myself off for at least a couple weeks from any new polishes, haha.  I recieved my julep maven box friday, but with the weather issues I didnt take any pictures.  I will try to do that this week so I can share them. 

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