Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DERMAdoctor shippment arrived!

Last week someone on the Polish Exchange group posted that DERMAdoctor had Butter London and Deborah Lippmann polishes on clearance so I had to take a look at what I could find.  I tried my best to limit myself and only purchased 3 polishes (Yay me!)
These are Glamorous Life ($7.95) , Bluey ($7.95) and Bad Romance ($8.95).  There are a few more available, so if you are interested check out http://www.dermadoctor.com/category_Nail-Polish_126.html.    It was a great savings, and with how expensive they can be, it was hard to pass it up.  After this I am back on my NO NEW NAILPOLISH kick.....but that does not include my Julep box, lol. 

I thought I would do a few swatches since Bad Romance would work well over the Union Jack Black that I was already wearing.  The picture is not as clear as I would like but it looked beautiful as an accent nail!
My other nails were chipping since I did them matte so I didnt want to show those, haha.  But since they were chipping and I had nail polish remover in my drawer I wanted to see how Glamorous Life looks.  I LOVED it!  It looks perfect with my skin tone and would be even better once I get more of a tan.  Not to mention its work appropriate for the days when something important or a VIP is in town.

So what are the odds that I can make it thru the month of April without buying any new polish?  Im going on vacation next week, Gatlinburg, and only plan on making a trip to the Coach outlet so I may be safe there.  By the time I get back I should have my Julep box and that should ease my desire to shop for a bit.  In the meantime I can enjoy all the beautiful colors I have bought or recieved in my Bunny swaps in the last month.

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