Monday, March 26, 2012

Trip to Ulta, a way to cure a case of the Mondays!

I had been watching the 28 days of specials at Ulta and today was the one I had to catch.  Yes, I actually put this on my calendar in outlook so I got reminders on my blackberry and iphone!  haha  Today they had the tops and tails set from Butter London for $19.  Its only a $6 savings as its normally $25 but thats $6 I can use towards something a new polish perhaps.  ;-)

I have been using this since Butter London showed up at Ulta.  I love the matte finish the basecoat gives and the topcat is a nice shiny finish.  I have also seen how much better my polish goes on, and really holds up.  This is my go to with any nail brand.  My current set are a little under halfway gone so I thought I might as well get my backup.

So, Since I saved $6 I had to throw it towards a new polish!  I have been wanting to get knackered, but its always out of stock.  Today I had to stroll past the display and there it was!  There was no other option than to snatch it up.  I cant wait to use it!

In case anyone is wondering I have Union Jack Black (also Butter London) on my nails, and the Matte topcoat over most of them, I left my accent nail shiny.  I know I should probably have brighter colors on for spring but I felt like doing a nice matte black last night,  haha. 

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