Thursday, March 8, 2012


I needed to pick up a new curling iorn today.....I am traveling for work, and got caught in the rain this morning and ended up looking like a wet rat, haha.  of course, i didnt pack a curling iorn/flat iorn/rolling brush.  I cant wash my hair every day because it dries out, and i will only be in the hotel tonight and back home tomorrow so I didnt pack any of the essentials for dealing with the mess on my head tonight.  I went to TJ maxx since I had seen better quality curling iorns there (bought one for $16) but I had to look around a little bit since I was there.  I found essie quads for $5!  If you normally buy those they are like $18 each, so $5 was a great deal.  I bought 4 different ones so I can put them into my gift closet.  I love finding a deal!

I left them in my trunk so I do not have a picture to post, but I strongly suggest checking out stores like that for some great polish buys.  They also have a great selection of perfumes, and of course, my biggest vice, PURSES!  I have only bought coach bags the last few years (i go to the outlet....never pay retail!) but I did pick up a super cute Jessica Simpson clutch for $19.99.  I thought it could be cute for going to the horse track for the spring meet, or just out on a date, paired with a black dress. 

On a different note, I hate that my iphone camera is so crappy, especially compared to the 2 phones I carry for work! 

Hope everyone has a great friday!!!  SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!  YAY!

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