Monday, March 12, 2012

Nail Mail!

I had a few packages get delivered over the weekend and I wanted to share my new polishes with you!  I think these will be some of my last purchases of the month (I say "some" of my last purchases as I just ordered a few online, but I had a coupon!). 

So if you have read any of my previous posts you know of my mix up at Nordstorms over wicked games and Marquee Moon.  I loved the silver color so I had to order it, and it arrived saturday!  I didnt have any nail polish remover at my desk (the horror!) so I just had to paint over what I already had on.

The next color I saw on a group that I am on in Facebook, Polish Exchange.  I loved the color and on a total impulse buy I got on the Sephora site and ordered it.  I didnt want to swatch it just yet, no nail polish remover, so that will be coming soon.  This is Nars Purple Rain.

The last thing I ordered from Sephora was a new package of their Ribbon Hair ties.  I love these things as they do not put that annoying crimp in my hair a regular band does.  I tend to curl my hair at night and will either pull it unto a bun, or a pony tail so I dont have to take the time to fix it in the morning.  They dont break my hair but yet hold it all night.  I recommend these highly.  I think they are $8 a package, plus super cute!  ;-)


  1. Those ribbon hair thingies look cute. Are they still just basically an elastic? I have hair elastics all over my house, usually on doorknobs. Oh I'm on the polish exchange group too.

  2. Yeah, they are pretty much just elastics tied in a knot. Its probably something you could make on your own, but I loved the dots!