Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bunny swap round 2!

We had a second round of secret bunnies, and I was having to much fun with it I wanted to get in on a second round.  I recieved my package yesterday and I was floored by the products I recieved!  I was really spoiled but very appreciative!  I just want to share a few of the pictures here, as I did with my last one.

The packaging was amazing, and i LOVE Mermaids Dream!  I put it on my toes last night, but I have such baby toes that I will not be sharing that picture, haha!  The Butter London lotion is great too.  I put it on this morning when I got to work, its been 3 hours and my hands feel soft. 
As far as the Lippy's go, keep in mind they are VERY pigmented.  The shade I got, trout pout, works for my skintone, but something as light as Teddy girl would have washed me out.  They are much more of a glossy lipstick than a conventional lipgloss. 

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