Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It may not be spring yet, but today feels like summer!

Its going to get to 80 degrees today so I needed to drop the dark polish for something a little brighter.  I went to Ulta monday during my lunch break and picked up 2 of the OPI DS polishes. 

This is DS Reserve, its the perfect pinky color for my skintone.  Any lighter and it would not look right.  I love this color.  After I had put this one on I decided might as well use the other color I purchased as the accent nail since its in the same family. 

The darker color is DS Extravagance.  The sparkles that are in all the DS polishes can really brighten what would otherwise be a pretty dark color.  While at Ulta I got the new China Glaze magnetic polishes.  Keep in mind with these you need to purchase the magnet seperatly, but you can always use it with others brands of magnetic polish.  The magnet was $10, so it wasnt too bad of a price.....hopefully I dont lose it though!  HAHA! 

I dont remember the names of these colors, but I used the star burst magnet to get the design that is pictured above.  I think the green may be my St. Patricks Day polish....unless I find a brighter green in my stash, haha!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

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