Friday, April 13, 2012

Julep mustery box!

I got my easter Julep mystery box in this week.  It was $19.99 and could have anywhere from $60-$200 value.  While I wasnt overly excited for what I got, it certainly was not terrible.  I have so many Julep polishes that dupes are pretty much expected. 
Base coat and cuticle oil are always good basics to have backups of, and otherwise I got Portia, Taylor and Melissa.  Nothing to exciting but I plan to donate my dupes for painting rainbows.  For more info look here:

As far as todays nail polish goes, i used Fantasy Fire from Max factor over Queen Vic for my accent nail.  It isnt overly obvious, but for work its perfect.  I still get to make it a little bit more "ME" but still work appropriate.

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