Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Wet N' Wild Megalast

After a very long and somewhat upsetting weekend I decided I needed a break, but didnt want to get to the mall so I went to walgreens.  I was hoping to see the new wet n wild eyeshadow sets but no luck there.  I did manage to pick up 5 new polishes though.  I do like their polishes with 1 exception.  While I love the flat brush its a little wide for my pinkie nail, haha.  Guess I have narrow nails.  But if thats my only issue, I think I can move past it!
I am not thrilled with this color.  Whats funny is that the bottle photographed exactly the same as the color is on my nails, but in person you see more gold in it.  I was hoping for more of an oxblood hue.  Its not my fav, but its still a good fall color.  The color is Under your spell

These are the other ones I picked up.  I havent tested any of them yet.  The colors are Haze of love, Deadly Dose, Toxic Apple and Lethal Injection.  For $1.99 a bottle its hard to beat the quality and lasting power of these polishes.  I am so glad that I was introduced to these by my secret beach bunny!  :-)

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