Friday, October 26, 2012

Ciate mini mani month

2 posts in one day!  CRAZY!  LOL
I wanted to go ahead and post this since I wouldnt have time this weekend and by monday I woul probably forget, LOL.  I picked up the Ciate mini many month calendar at Sephora yesterday.  I had a lot of drama with getting my hands on it, but I was determined!  This does have a high price tag ($58) but you get 20 mini polishes and 4 caviar beads too.  The bottles are pretty good sized and the brushes are east to work with.  One word of caution, I have seen people have messed up brushes in their kits.  I recommend you go ahead and check each bottle so you can exchange it if you need to.  I did not have any issues with mine, only a couple wonky bows. 
This shows all the colors that are included.  I dont have a swatch wheels so I am not posting each color.  There are some great blogs that do though.

I love the box!!!

Its like a typical advent calendar.  You open one door each day leading up to christmas in the month of december.
This is the colors I went with last night.  Probably would help if I had written down which colors these were, haha!

I think it looks cute on my dresser!  LOL

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