Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Birchbox

I wanted to go ahead and post my september Birchbox since I was thinking about it.  I knew if I didnt do it today it would never get done!  HAHA

This month drew inspiration from Vouge and went with "The September Issue."  It was all about transitioning to Fall and included their own mini-mag reviewing the fall trends.  It was a cute addition to what was in my opinion a rather dull box....sorry.  I feel that this was probably only worth $10.....if that.  :-(

There are a couple good items so I dont want to draw much negativity.  Lets just get to the pictures, you be the judge.

This months box!

Uh, yeah.....just a fancy ziplock baggie.  Besides, I thought when you flew you needed a clear baggie for liquids.

Twirl by Kate Spade.  Nice scent, but I have smelled it before.  Perfume samples are just not that exciting.  :-(

WEI to go cleanser.  Pretty package, foil sample.  :-/

Sedu Anti-Frizz polishing treatment.  Nice size sample.  I have long hair but could probably get 2 uses out of this.

Top picture didnt focus, but I do love Twistbands.  I will certainly be using this one!

Color Club polish in Status Uptade (Nice typo there!!!).  This is supposed to be a custom shade intereired by the Fall 2012 collections and they couldnt spell the name right!  GEEZ!
You be the judge

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  1. i cancelled after this one.. i received a LIME shade nail polish.. what the heck? it's suppose to be a 'fall' theme bahaha