Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guess who opened another little black bag!

Yeah, that would be me!  HAHA
Im hanging my head as I admit I just closed my second bag of september.  Nearly opened a 3rd but told myself that was a tad excessive!  LOL
I am super happy with everything I got in this bag.  I did a TON of trading.  I dont have a single item that was in my initial bag, but I got some great things!!! 

Ready to open!!!

I always love their little labels!

AHHH!!!  So many goodies!!!!

1st item, Casemate case for my iPhone.  I think retail was $28.

Pyramid studs.  Didnt have the brand on the bag, and I think retail was abour $20.

Gunmetal studded hoops.  I have wanted these for a while and they are a lot bigger than I anticipated.  Retail value, $30.

Favorite item!  I am in love with this bag!  She and Josh is the bag, and retail was $78.

All 4 items, approximate value is $156, and I paid $50.  These are all items I can use on a daily basis, in face the case is already on my phone, haha.  I love this service! 

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