Monday, August 20, 2012

My favorite perfume!!!

I have been saving up the posts, but I swear this is the last one of the day!  HAHA   I was so excited to see that my new favorite perfume is now available at Sephora! 

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire

I bought this when I was in Spain at the Corte Inglesis.  I was kicking myself for not buying a bigger bottle but now that I know I can buy this here I am back to using it every day.  I love this scent.  Its described as:

Its simple signature enhances and romances several exceptional materials in a bold overdose—black cherry blinks the first wink. It is illustrated by a clever blend that extends exquisite almond and delicious berries. The second wink takes place as rose enters the stage. Finally, the shadowy temptations of licorice and smoky black tea are ever-so-revealing and lead to irresistible seduction. (

I love this so much!  It reminds me so much of Spain too.  I just always remember the sweet lady at the perfume counter who was beyond helpful.  I really recommend heading over to sephora and smelling this perfume!

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