Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Im still loving little black bag!

I have posted before about little black bag but I am still loving this service!  Its $49.99 a month and you get to pick 1 item, and then 2 more items will be added to your bag.  You then get to swap your items for 7 days till you get the perfect bag.  I have done this for a few months now, and have bought a few extra bags as well.  The gallery is huge, and has several different options.  Here is a screen shot of a few items that are currenty up for grabs:

I couldnt get too much in the screen but there is a wide array of handbags jewlery and accessories.  My general rule is for the item I get to pick I try to get something that the retail value is at least $50, so I am getting my moneys worth.  Once you pick your item and buy your bag you get to see the other 2 picks.  When I signed up I had to do a style survey so I assume that is whats used to select the other items.  

This is my current bag.  As you can see I have 4 more days to do trading.  For the necklace up top I have 11 offers currenty for it, and if I see something I like I can accept the trade.  I can also check the trade offers I have made atg the bottom of the page like this:

Of course there is no guarantee on trades, but thats why you have 7 days to try to get the items you like.  You can skip your bag if you wanted to, and they even have an option to buy a one time bag as well.  I have loved this service and always look forward to checking out that is new. 

If you want to try it out below is my referral link.

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