Monday, August 20, 2012

My Emergency Kit!

I know I have been away forever, but I am really going to try to do better.  I thought for today I would show everyone what I carry in my "Emergency Kit."  I am sure what I think of as an emergency kit will vary from what others think of haha.  But I wanted to go thru what I keep on hand in my purse at all times. 
This is what I use as my kit.  I bought this from the coach factory online for $25.  Its good quality and really holds up well.  I have had it for over a year and carry it every day.

Peek inside.....its jam packed!

Always important, a nail clipper.  I have a file too but I guess I forgot to include it in the picture.  Oops!

This is my favorite perfume to carry.  The samples you get at stores are smaller but usually glass.  I dont want to have it break in my bag so I keep this instead.  Its a solid perfume from Lush, which i love!

Every girl needs her lipgloss!  I have 4 different ones depending on what I need.

I have too many lipstick options!  haha.  Why I keep case its an emergency!  LOL

Eye products.  There have been too many times that I have left home without mascara so I always keep a couple mini's in my bag.  I also have an eyeliner in case I need a touch up.  I had a black one too but I guess it rolled out of the picture lol

Finish powder!  In case I get shiny I dust a little finishing power over my face.  This was a mini I got at Sephora so it fits perfectly!

More lip product, lol.  These would be the more "natural" lip options

And finally, so it counts as an Emergency kit I keep bandaids, opintment and ibuprofen.  :-)

Do you keep an emergency kit?  What do you keep in yours? 

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