Friday, November 9, 2012

Dior Holiday collection

I fell in love with a color in the Dior holiday collection from Nordstroms!  I had to have Diorling!  Its a light gold color with small iridescent glitter pieces.  It was beautiful!  LOL  I ordered it last week online and when I opened it up.....THEY SENT THE WRONG COLOR!  But on a positive note, i loved the color they sent me too!  LOL  They had sent me Marilyn, a beautiful red color....and you can never go wrong with red.  So I decided to keep it and got the one I wanted in the first place as well.  When I called their customer service just to double check that I didnt need to send the red back they were very helpful and I got the correct one shipped out to me right away.  I am in love with these colors though and the bottles are just too cute!

This is Diorling.  I havent had a chance to put it on my nails just yet.

This shows my nails done with Marilyn.  Red is just always a great option!

One word on these polishes though, as cute as they are, the cap is a little awkward at first since its a different shape.  But after a couple nails you get used to it.

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