Monday, February 13, 2012

Off subject with Hair Care

I recieved a sample of Wen in my January Glam Bag and loved the product.  It left my hair soft and shiny, but what I didnt love was the price and a monthly commitment of $30.  In the long run, I know its not a bad value, but I didnt want to be stuck with it, and also read stories stating it was hard to cancel it.  I dug around a little bit online and found out there was a dupe available at Sally Beauty Supply!  For $11.99 I bought a bottle of Hair One!
This product works just as well as Wen, and my hair is in great shape after 3 weeks of use!  The ends no longer look dry and it hold a curl for 2 days!  I wash my hair every other day to cut down on the abuse it goes thru with heat products.  You do use A LOT of product, so be warned....and it takes a little time, but totally worth it!

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